Our Remediation Services

Innovative. Robust. Cost-effective.

We are specialists in three core areas:

Contaminated land assessment and Remediation design

We closely follow the Environment Agency’s ‘Land Contamination Risk Management’ guidance in assessing contaminated land, appraising the options and designing any necessary remediation.  Central to our approach is a continual review of the site Conceptual Site Model and how we may effectively disrupt any viable pollutant linkages. 
Our approach is based upon ‘first principles’ and we seek the best outcome for our clients by challenging over-conservatism and removing uncertainty. Jackson Remediation provides a full suite of intrusive and non-intrusive site investigation services in addition to Remediation design support at the planning stages of the project.

Remediation Construction and Enabling works

Jackson Remediation is hugely experienced in the delivery of Remediation and Enabling contracts, the quality of our delivery, our focus on safety, compliance and achieving the projects remediation objectives is unerring.
Operating under Jackson Remediation's Mobile Treatment Permit, a wide range of remediation technologies and processes can be deployed to achieve the projects objectives in a cost effective manner, Jackson Remediation’s MTP gives us the ability to treat hazardous materials onsite often reducing their waste classification and/or re-using beneficially onsite.
Managing these ‘problem materials’ onsite significantly enhances Jackson Remediation’s bulk earthworks, materials  processing and site  preparation offer delivering real value engineering opportunities for our projects.

Waste Management

Frequently overlooked – but often the most significant cost element of a remediation / enabling project; optimal management of surplus materials can have a huge financial impact, and mismanagement can result in significant enforcement action.

We are experts in assessment and options appraisal, and will ensure that the optimal solution is applied in a fully compliant and robust manner. 

From on-site treatment and beneficial reuse, to pretreatment prior to disposal or even transfrontier shipment of difficult wastes, we understand the landscape and all options available.

Let's work together

By simplifying and enhancing our remediation offer from the moment the shortlist is prepared to when the works are completed, we can provide a higher value service at a low price, and raise the bar in the industry.