The ultimate glossary of contaminated land acronyms

If you’re working with a Remediation Specialist, it’s likely they’ve used a few acronyms that you weren’t  familiar with. At Jackson Remediation, we’ve taken a stand against over complication of issues and specialists taking advantage by obscuring opportunities and over-stating risks.  Clarity is key which is why we’ve created a glossary of contaminated land acronyms to make remediation works a lot clearer for you. Bookmark this page for future use!


6F2 – A material classification (Site-Won Crushed Concrete) as defined by the SHW


ACM – Asbestos Containing Materials

AMP – Asbestos Management Plan

ASB1 – Notification to the HSE of NNLW

ASB5 – Notification to the HSE of NLW


BAP – Benzo(a)Pyrene


CCC – Continuous Compaction Control

CLEA – Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment

CLO – Contaminated Land Officer

CLTR – Contaminated Land Tax Relief

COC – Chain of Custody

COC- Contaminant of Concern

COD – Chemical Oxygen Demand

CSM – Conceptual Site Model


DNAPL – Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid

DoWCoP – Definition of Waste – Code of Practice

DQRA – Detailed Quantiative Risk Assessment

DTS – Desk Top Study


EA – Environment Agency

EHO – Environmental Health Officer

EIL – Environmental Impairment Liability (Insurance)

EWC – European Waste Catalogue (Code)


FID – Flame Ionization Detector

FRA – Flood Risk Assessment

FRA – Foundation Risk Assessment


GAC – Generic Assessment Criteria

GAC – Granular Activated Carbon


HSE – Health and Safety Executive


LA – Local Authority

LARC – Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

LCRM – Land contamination risk management

LFT – Landfill Tax

LNAPL – Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid

LOI – Loss on Ignition

LOW – List of Wastes (European)


MMP – Materials Management Plan

MTP – Mobile Treatment Permit


NAPL – Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid

NLW – Notifiable Licensed Works (Asbestos)

NNLW – Notifiable Non-Licensed Works (Asbestos)

NRW – National Resources Wales

NQMS – National Quality Mark Scheme


PAH – Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons

PCBs – Polychlorinated biphenyls

PFA – Pulverised Fuel Ash

PID – Photo-Ionization Detector

PM10 – Particulate Matter less than 10 microns in diameter

PM2.5 – Particulate Matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter

PPB – Parts Per Billion

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

PPM – Parts Per Million

PRA – Preliminary Risk Assessment


QLRE – Qualifying Land Remediation Expenditure

QP – Qualified Person

QP – Quality Protocol


ROA – Remediation Options Appraisal

RPE – Respiratory Protection Equipment

RTC – Remediation Target Criteria


SEPA – Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SGV – Soil Guideline Values

SHW – Specification for Highways Works

SI – Site Investigation

SPR – Source-Pathway-Receptor

SPZ – Source Protection Zone

SRP – Standard Rules Permit

SSTL – Site Specific Target Level

SVE – Soil Vapour Extraction

SVOC – Semi-volatile organic compounds


TOC – Total Organic Carbon

TPH – Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons


VOC – Volatile organic compounds


WAC – Waste Assessment Criteria

WTW – Water Treatment Works


XRF – X-Ray Fluorescence


If there’s an acronym we’ve missed, please get in touch.