Why you don’t need to choose between price and quality again

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Jackson Remediation’s brand promise is Never Choose Between Price and Quality Again. It’s a bold pledge but when you work in an industry such as this, you’ll know that it’s a necessary one. 

We thought we’d take some time to explain firstly why it’s a promise we feel we must make, and secondly how we’ll be fulfilling it.

The price quality problem – JR BC (Before Jackson Remediation)

For far too long, clients had to make a choice when dealing with the necessary yet often painful site preparation and remediation stage of a project: Do they appoint the best informed or the cheapest?  The two can be worlds apart in terms of appreciation of risk and anything in the middle may be the worst of both worlds!

The industry is rich with contractors that possess decades of experience or belong to large specialist outfits, claiming to have a comprehensive track record of managing contaminated land. The issue is that this expertise (preference to sub-contract, management structure, cost base, business model etc) doesn’t come cheap. 

At the other end of the price scale, there are also a lot of players because the barriers to entry are so low. And on the occasion that the tender process is ineffective and misaligned with the wider project objectives, the cheapest often wins. This is interpreted by some remediation companies as get your price right above all else.  Over time, as projects fail, mistakes are made and standards slip further, the reputation of the industry as a whole suffers. 

Having worked in this industry for over 20 years, our Managing Director, Joe Jackson, was not prepared to let that happen. The remediation process is too important and must be done to the highest standard, every time. 

The solution? When it’s a race to the bottom on price, the only way to change the game is to find a way of raising the quality provided but at a competitive price.

The price quality solution – AD JR (After Jackson Remediation launch)

So how are we going to deliver a high quality low cost remediation solution and thereby deliver on our promise to our clients that they never need to choose between price and quality again?

Firstly, overheads. We’ve designed our business to be incredibly lean. We have a niche in the market that we want to exploit, and we want to focus on what we’re good at: remediation and remediation alone. We have a small team consisting of some of the brightest minds in the industry and we’re all focussed on the clients’ needs.

Secondly, our appetite. We’re not seeking to hoover up all the remediation work on the market – this approach is simply not profitable. We’re highly focussed, seeking the right projects with the right clients, where we can add real value. 

Another reason why we feel we can meet our promise for our clients to never need to choose between price and quality again is our approach. 

We engage early on in a project so that we can take a wider view of the entire project lifecycle. This in turn allows us to integrate with the clients and consultants early on, scrutinise the suitability of assessments and proposals with the end in mind and design a remediation solution that provides the best value. Not only that but we can ensure that no unexpected costs or safety issues are encountered in the post remediation enabling works or with onward trades. 

Finally, there’s the transparency of our offer, particularly in terms of projects’ Risks and Opportunities.  We firmly believe that by being transparent about the uncertainty associated with aspects of remediation we can have meaningful dialogue with our clients regarding how these uncertainties are priced and/or mitigated – meaning nobody has any nasty surprises.  

And there you have it. A lean business model, a team of experts, a view of the full project lifecycle to find ways to save the client significant amounts of money: huge value without compromise.

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