Introducing Jackson Remediation – it’s time for high quality low cost remediation.

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Managing Director

Welcome to Jackson Remediation. We’re a brand new business, seeking to shake up the industry by offering high quality low cost remediation.


As I write this, it’s officially day one of my role as a business owner. I’m thrilled that a concept I’ve wanted to create for many, many years is now a reality. 


But why now, you may ask.


After 20+ years of gathering experience in brownfield assessment and remediation, I felt it was the right time to strike out on my own and offer the tailored solution that I believe the industry wants.


Site Preparation and Remediation is often a necessary yet painful stage in the construction process. Contractors and Developers generally don’t want the problems associated with the possession of contaminated land. And, the arrival of a remediation expert to tell them it will take additional time and vast expense to solve the issues makes the situation even worse.


As a consequence, we’re beginning to see a race to the bottom on price, at the sacrifice of quality delivery. This cannot continue. 

My mission

In creating Jackson Remediation, I am taking a stand against over complication of issues and specialists taking advantage by obscuring opportunities and over-stating risks. 


Our reason for existing is to improve the reputation and quality of remediation contracting in the UK.  We get that our clients need to acquire remediation services and support at the best price possible. We just don’t agree that quality should suffer. 


By simplifying and enhancing our remediation offer from the moment the shortlist is prepared to when the works are completed, we’re offering a high quality low cost remediation service, and raising the bar in the industry.


What this means to me 

I am proud to stand in front of the Jackson Remediation brand and our first class team.  Our reputation (individually and collectively) for straight-talking and effective solutions means everything to us. I cannot wait to work with clients and make a much needed change to the industry.

What this means for you, our target clients 

I truly believe we are offering something unique by putting the projects’ objectives first and giving an holistic view of remediation within a construction project.  For our clients this means cheaper, quicker, less risky projects.


In terms of what this should mean to the industry as a whole, I believe our approach is in line with the broader industry’s move toward collaboration or enterprise approaches to contracting. We’re just hoping to get it there a little quicker!

Our promise and why it’s important 

Central to our offer is our commitment that our clients never have to choose between price and quality again.


Over the next few months, we’re going to be busy building on existing relationships by offering an intelligent contracting service and attracting new clients who are looking for a collaborative professional service. 


Ultimately our intention is to become the leading cost-effective and collaborative Remediation Contractor in the UK.


The team and I are very excited to get to work and would be delighted to have the chance to tender for any upcoming Remediation / Enabling or tricky Waste Management projects you may have for us.

Alternatively, we’re just as happy to chat through a prospect or simply say hello so please do get in touch